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Princess cut engagement rings

Princess cut engagement rings featuring VRAI created diamonds have an equilateral design famed for strength and a clean cut known for brilliance.


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How to buy a princess cut diamond engagement ring

Explore styles featuring Princess cut VRAI created diamonds to find the one that’s right for you.

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Princess cut engagement ring FAQ

Choosing a Princess cut diamond ring means that you have distinctly modern style. Despite its fairytale name, a Princess cut is one of the most contemporary cuts of diamond to date and is beloved for its sharp, linear elegance.

A princess cut is a popular choice for engagement rings due to its brilliance and versatility. It's especially adept at concealing inclusions while showcasing the diamond's color. The unique cutting and polishing techniques make existing inclusions less visible, ensuring a stunning and sparkling engagement ring.

Match your Princess cut engagement ring with a wedding band based on style or metal color. For Solitaire, Halo, or Three Stone engagement rings, for example, choose a petit Eternity, Infinity, or Devotion band in matching platinum or solid gold for the perfect pair.

For certain engagement settings, like the Signature V or Curator, consider pairing with their matching wedding band styles.

When buying a diamond for your Princess engagement ring, prioritize clarity or cut. The Princess features a large, open table with a distinctive chevron-shaped bottom facet, so clarity and high quality cut will highlight its facets and affect its overall brilliance.

The most popular Princess cut engagement ring styles and settings are Solitaire engagement rings. From Classic or Signature Solitaires, to Hover, Curator, or Bezel designs, these settings are chosen for highlighting the Princess’ beauty and strength.

In short, no. A Princess cut diamond is the only true square, with equilateral sides and pointed corners. But a Cushion is also squared with rounded sides and corners, as is an Asscher cut diamond with beveled corners. Radiant and Emerald cut diamonds feature the same straight edges as a Princess cut, but are more rectangular in form.

A Princess cut diamond is a true square, whereas a Cushion cut diamond is square with soft, rounded edges and corners. A Princess cut is known for its sharp lines and pointed corners that give it a thoroughly modern and clean look.

A princess cut ring symbolizes a modern personality with a hint of fashionable flair. Its crisp, sharp lines offer brilliance similar to round diamonds and make it an ideal cut for bold, strong leaders. This stone shape suits those drawn to excitement and embodies a true romantic spirit at heart.

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